About Me


Hello there! My name is Andriëtta and I am seventeen years old. For the first thirteen years of my life I lived in Amsterdam until we had to move in 2013. My friends usually describe me as caring, funny and extremely sarcastic. In my spare time I like to sing, read, play the piano, binge-watch tv shows and write. Now that we’ve got the introductions over with, I’ll tell you about how this blog was born.

When I was little I read a LOT. I would read 4 different books at the same time before I went to bed. I do not know how my little brain could process so many storylines at once. And because of this I always thought; “Hey, I can do that too!” I never actually wrote a book of course but I did write short stories and a kept a couple of journals throughout the years.

After several failed attempts of starting and deleting blogs, I decided to actually put time and effort in making one exactly how I liked it on the 25th of May 2016. I experimented with themes and different color pallets, and this is the one I ended up choosing.

If you were to ask me to describe my blog, I wouldn’t know how to. The content on here will vary a lot- from favorite beauty products and OOTD’s to personal content such as exploring cities and looks into my day to day life. Like the daily vloggers on YouTube keep a video diary, is my journal just written down.

Before I make this way too long and keep on rambling; feel free to take a look around and I hope you enjoy!