15 years cancerfree

This will probably the most personal thing I will ever share on here. Whenever I tell someone that I had cancer as a child, they are always really surprised. Over the years I have become used to cancer being a part of my life story.

As  a baby, I was either already sick in the womb or I became shortly sick after birth. The doctors didn’t really know which one it was haha. So the type of cancer that was inside me was this blood cancer called leukemia. I spent about nine months in the hospital in Surinam, where I am originally from, but at the time, the doctors in Surinam weren’t able to properly treat me.

This resulted in a nurse and I flying to the Netherlands as soon as possible and me never returning back to Surinam. It was a very tough battle, being an infant and having such an illness take over your tiny body. In total I spent about 2 years in and out of hospital, getting poked with needles almost daily and undergoing chemo.

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Thankfully I have no memory of any of this happening to me.  And on the 24th of January 2002, the doctor finally removed this tube from my body and I have been cancer free ever since then. I owe my life to God and I thank him every day for blessing me with all that I have.

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The doctors said that I would have trouble at school compared to my peers but here I am, in my first year of college as a 17 year old. I am as healthy as ever and all I have left is a beautiful scar on my chest and a hell of a story tell.

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So here is to 15 years cancer free.

And here is to at least 15 more.




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