Chapter 17

2017. It is finally here. Welcome!

Firstly, let me start by saying I hope you had a great New Years Eve – whether you spent it at home with family or went out to party. Also, I hope that you have a blessed, healthy and over all amazing 2017 and that you achieve all your set goals for this year.

2016: The year I finally graduated high school – I say finally even though I skipped a year lol. The year I started college. So far I passed all my exams with good grades and am 3 weeks away from the next week of exams and I haven’t even started studying yet. Oops. I also got my first job this year, after all the nagging of my parents and siblings.

It was also the year I finally saw Justin Bieber live. I have been a fan of him and his music for over 5 years and had to wait 3 years for another tour. But October 8th was the day that a 5 year old dream came true. The whole show was put together so well, with all the lights and special effects. My favorite part was when he performed the acoustic version of Cold Water and it was so beautiful.


In August I went on a vacation to Alanya, Turkey with my mom and had the most wonderful time! The hotel we stayed in was amazing, the weather was wonderful and I fell in love with the beach all over again. We also went on a 2 hour bus ride to Antalya one day and just explored the mall there.


That were only a few things that happened this year. So you might wonder if I’ve got any goals or resolutions for the new year and of course I do:

1. Show more gratitude
It’s not that I am not thankful for the things that I have but I just have trouble showing it. So this is definitely something that I need to work on.

2. Complete my first year of college
The first year of college is very important because if I earn all the 60 EC in one go, I can complete my major at the pace I want to. The goal is to complete it in 4 years so I am working towards that.

3. Drink more water
The thing is, I only like water when I’m really thirsty and don’t really enjoy it as a ‘normal drink’. The amount of sugar I consume through drinks is ridiculous so I am trying to work on that.

4. Get more blog posts up in a month
A goal that speaks for itself. I created this blog to share a bit more of my life with people and only created 5 blog posts. So this is one I’m really going to work on this year.

5. Take more pictures
You’d think that having a decent DSLR-camera would inspire you to take a lot of pictures of everything and anything around you, but surprisingly it hasn’t. I always come up with the same lame excuses and I am determined to change that this year.

6. Be more productive
With this I basically mean that I need to stop procrastinating. I always start out really motivated and make a good schedule but I struggle to follow it. In the end I do get everything finished, but I always feel like I could have done a better job if I had just stuck to my plan.

7. Start driving lessons
Here in the Netherlands you can get your drivers license when you are 17.5 years old, but have to drive with someone with a lot of experience until you are 18. A lot of my friends already have their license and I am just really excited to finally be able to drive on my own.

8. Explore more in my own country
And the final goal on my list is to explore more. I actually haven’t seen a lot of the Netherlands so I am excited to take a lot more day trips to different parts of the small country I live in.

One more thing before I go: it’s my birthday! The 2nd of January 2017 marks the day I have been living and walking on this earth for 17 years. I never throw a big party with friends on my birthday or anything. It is always just me and my family, but I have six siblings and six nieces so it will be a full house nonetheless.

Have a wonderful week and I’ll talk to you soon!

Love, A.

What are your goals for 2017?




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